Race to 40 sales - $600 cash prizes.

To add some competition for affiliates at Unique Splash, we have come up with a very special contest.
As well as earning 20% on EVERY sale you make(subscriptions too), we are going to add some bonuses.

1st to 40 sales - $300
2nd to 25 sales - $150
3rd to 15 sales - $75
4th to 10 sales - $50
5th to 5 sales - $25

First affiliate to 40 sales will take home the $300. The contest will then continue until affiliates reach the other sales targets.

There is no end date to this contest. Contest will end when all prizes and sales targets are met.

All sales count as one, whether a banner or a package.

If a customer you referred buys two or more separate products in the one transaction, you will be credited for two or more - not one.

Subscriptions count. For example - If you send us a customer through your affiliate link, that activates a subscription, you will have one sale added each time their subscription renews.

Leaderboard will be available and updates will be sent by email(please join the list on the footer).

If you have any questions about the sales race, just drop a note to support.

View standings by clicking here.

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